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AWEX-ID is a system for the appraisal and description of non-measured characteristics of greasy wool. A description of the characters forming the ID is given below.


  1. Australian Superfine
  2. Merino
  3. Crossbred
  4. Downs
  5. Carpet

Wool Sub-Category

  1. Combing Weaners and Lambs
  2. Carding Lambs
  3. Plucked & Dead
  4. Shorn from Skins
  5. Fellmongered
  6. Overgrown
  7. Non-conforming lot

Wool Category

  1. Fleece
  2. Pieces
  3. Bellies
  4. Crutchings
  5. Locks


  1. Choice
  2. Superior
  3. Spinners
  4. Best
  5. Good
  6. Average
  7. Inferior

VM Type

  1. Burr
  2. Seed
  3. Shive
  4. Noogoora/Ring
  5. Bathurst
  6. Moit
  7. Bogan Flea
  8. Clumpy

Greasy Length Indicator

Appraisal of length for non-additionally measured Flc/Pcs/Bls or Crts line.

Strength Indicator

  1. Part Tender
  2. Tender
  3. Very Tender


  1. Scourable Colour
  2. Necks
  3. Doggy
  4. Unscourable Colour
  5. Water Stain
  6. Dark Stain
  7. Dags
  8. Cotts
  9. Jowls
  10. Shanks
  11. Dermatitis
  12. Skin Pieces
  13. Brands
  14. Mud
  15. Black & Grey
  16. Kemp

Scaling of qualifiers is as follows:

  1. Light/odd
  2. Medium
  3. Heavy/line of …


Australian Wool Exchange Ltd charges fees for auction sale room, data input and certain annual fees.

Bales (BLS)

Number of bales within a lot.

Comfort factor (COMF)

The percentage of fibres finer than 30 micron in a sample.

Core test

The series of measurements, typically of Wool Base, Vegetable Matter Base and Mean Fibre Diameter, carried out on a core sample.

Curvature (CURV)

A measure of crimp reported as degrees/mm.

Coefficient of variation (CV)

A statistical measure of the variability exhibited.

  1. Coefficient of Variation of Diameter
  2. Coefficient of Variation of Hauteur
  3. Coefficient of Variation of Staple Length

Gross value

The gross proceeds of a wool line sold.


The mean fibre length in the top. Measured in millimetres.

High estimate (HIGH EST.)

The higher end of the expected selling range of the line of wool.


A graphical representation of micron distribution for a wool line.

Insurance (INS)

Fee charged for the insurance of wool from farm and into stored.

Lot number

Unique number under which the wool line was sold.

Low Estimate

The lower end of the expected selling range for the line of wool.

Micron (MIC)

Measure of the Mean Fibre Diameter for the wool line.

Millimetres (MM)

Measure of the Staple Length for the wool line.

Micron Price Guide (MPG)

Micron category for which the market is quoted.

Nominal quote

Quote developed from only a limited number of prices available.

Over Weight (OW)

Kilograms of wool removed from bales delievered overweight (>204kg).

Position of break (POB)

An indication of where a staple breaks during extension,

  1. Position of Break at the Tip
  2. Position of Break at the Mid
  3. Position of Break at the Base


Price level at which the line was sold for.

Reference number (REF)

Unique number under which the wool line is stored in the broker wool system.


Minimum price at which the wool line can be sold for.

Romaine (ROM)

The amount of noil produced. Expressed as a percentage of the top and noil produced.

Sale instructions (SALE INST)

Sale instructions and reserves for lines of unsold wool in-store.


Grab sample of wool used for display and for length and strength testing where requested.

Scoured yield (SCD)

Estimate of the amount of wool product after scouring and before any further processing takes place.

Schlumberger dry yield (SCH)

Estimates of the amount of top and noil that can be combed form the greasy wool.

Standard deviation (STDEV)

A measure of the variability of curvature results around the mean for fibre curvature.

Season (SEAS)

Season in which the wool line was tested.


Current status of the unsold wool line in store. Lines can be available for sale with a reserve, booked into a nominated auction sale, or wool lines on hold without reserves.


The deduction for the weight of the wool pack and cap from the gross weight of each bale, 2kg for synthetic packs.


Gross proceeds of the line sold ($AUD).

Vegetable Matter (VM)

Vegetable Matter percentage contained in the wool line.

Warehouse and selling fees

Warehousing and Selling Fees charged by the broker for handling and selling the wool lines.

Wool levy

Compulsory wool tax paid for the sale of wool.