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About Jemalong Wool

About Jemalong Wool

Jemalong Wool is Australia's original Regional Wool Broker. Established in 1980 at Forbes, Jemalong has evolved since then to be one of the leading regionally based wool marketing organisations in Australia today.

Today Jemalong operates from three centres, Forbes, Tamworth and Cooma. Jemalong Wool was originally established with the prime objective of providing a competitive and more efficient method for the sale of wool. This objective was achieved by the utilisation of a network system of warehouses located strategically throughout country regions. Whilst there have been some changes over the years, the original concept of handling the clip close to the point of production still applies, and in fact most of the New South Wales wool clip is now handled this way.

Jemalong Wool now employs 19 full time and 4 casual staff at the three centres, and handles approximately 45,000 bales per year.