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March 2013

Updated Website

Wed, 27/03/2013 - 12:13

If you're reading this then you are viewing the latest update to the Jemalong Wool website. Our aim with this update was plain and simple, and that's what we've tried to create. No time wasted loading photographs and unnecessary text. Straight to the point. A snap shot of the market, and then access through our grower login to the information you want. In the coming months, we will undertake a total overhaul of the "back end" to make improvements and updates we feel are necessary.

If you have a suggestion, now would be a good time to put it forward. The best way to do this is to email and write "Website Suggestion" in the subject box.

Auctions Plus Wool Ready to Go

Wed, 27/03/2013 - 11:12

Many of our clients have enjoyed huge success over the last 12 years with Wooltrade. In early 2012, Wooltrade offered an online live auction known as Wooltrade Plus. In early April 2013, Auctions Plus, the owners and operators of Wooltrade will launch Auctions Plus Wool. Jemalong Wool will be amongst the first to offer this service to their clientele, and we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the system and to consider utilising it as an alternative and an addition to your current selling method. We will be endeavouring to increase our usage of Auctions Plus Wool in the coming season.